Have you ever gone on a trip with a tightly-packed backpack or suitcase, only to wish you had more storage space for the return trip? It's a common issue that can be frustrating if you're on vacation or a business trip. However, in a survival situation, running out of room for supplies can be a much more serious issue. If you're out scavenging, and you come across a large cache of useful resources, you might be left with a tough decision: ditch some of your existing gear, or leave behind the valuable items you just found.


If your bag is already almost full to the brim, cramming in more gear can be a difficult task.

Fortunately, now there's a solution from Propper that lets you expand your storage space on the go. It's simple: a bag within a bag. Cue the “BWAHHH” sound effect from Inception, because we're about to go deeper.

Propper has released two new packable bags. First, there's the Packable Backpack, with five separate compartments for an MSRP of only $35. There's also a Packable Duffle bag, with a large main compartment and two smaller side compartments, which is available for an MSRP of $40. Either bag can be had in black, coyote tan, or olive green.

Both Propper packable bags are constructed of lightweight micro ripstop nylon, and feature a durable water repellent finish. When not in use, each bag can be stored in its built-in pouch, which compresses down to 8″ x 7″ x 1″. We could see this design being useful for traveling with a backpack in your carry-on suitcase, or for stowing a spare bag in your vehicle or office.

For more information on these Propper packable bags, visit Propper.com.


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