While tactical bags covered in PALS webbing, velcro, and modular pouches certainly have their place, we also appreciate gear that can remain discreet. It's important to keep onlookers guessing at what's in your pack, rather than wearing gear that screams “steal me—expensive things inside”. This is even more important in survival scenarios, when hostile crowds may want to separate you from your valuables.

Peak Design edc bags backpack 1

That said, you shouldn't have to sacrifice interior versatility and organization for exterior appearance. There has to be a balance between the two elements, and it appears that Peak Design may have achieved this balance with their latest Everyday gear line. Launched in 2015 with the Everyday Messenger, this line is now expanding by launching three new styles via Kickstarter: a backpack, sling bag, and tote.

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Peak Design edc bags backpack 2

The first new model is the Everyday Backpack, which is available in either 20-liter or 30-liter capacity. It uses dual weatherproof side zips as well as a MagLatch magnetic flap on top, providing access to your gear from various angles. Each bag can also expand by up to 10 liters by latching the top closure in a higher position. Flexfold dividers provide organization and prevent gear from shifting.

Peak Design edc bags sling 4

Next, there's the sling bag, which offers a minimal size and two zippered compartments. External carry straps and compression straps allow larger items to be secured to the exterior of the bag. Many internal pockets, sleeves, and anchor points help organize your gear.

Peak Design edc bags tote 5

Finally, there's the tote bag, which also offers three access flaps—one on each side, and one on top. A versatile strap system permits the user to wear this bag as a backpack, cross-body sling bag, or carry it by the handle. Leather handles and accents add extra visual appeal.

If you're interested in learning more about these new bags from Peak Design, check out the Kickstarter campaign page or visit PeakDesign.com.

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