We've said many times how a supply of strong cordage can make or break your survival plans. With good quality 550 paracord, you can rig a tent, make a fire bow, set snares, go fishing, repair gear, and much more. There are many creative places to store paracord, including boot laces, a bracelet, and an axe handle wrap. However, none of these allow for storage of very large amounts of paracord. A line of belts developed by Rattlerstrap fulfill this purpose, while also replacing a piece of gear that you may otherwise take for granted.

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Each Rattlerstrap belt is handmade in the USA from 550 paracord, in your choice of black, brown, or camouflage finish. Depending on the size, it contains approximately 100 feet of paracord, or about 10 times the amount found in an ordinary paracord bracelet. The material naturally resists dirt, harsh weather, stretching, and warping. The buckle on the Titan Series seen here is made from satin-finished titanium, so it won't break or weigh you down.

These belts are available in a range of sizes from Small (26-32″ waist) to XXXL (50-52″ waist). Rather than using a finite series of holes for the buckle, these belts offer extreme adjustability—just insert the buckle through any part of the woven paracord to lock it in place.

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Now, you may be thinking, “That's all well and good, but if I unravel this paracord, I'll never be able to weave it back together again.” It's a valid concern, since paracord weaving takes a lot of practice and patience, and it might make us think twice about unraveling this belt. Fortunately, Rattlerstrap has you covered there. The company offers a Rattlerstrap Guarantee that states: “If you need to use the paracord in an emergency situation, send us the buckle and we'll remake your belt.

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The Rattlerstrap Titan Series retails for $94. That's not an insignificant amount of cash, but the company says it's justified by the functionality: “Our belts have made tourniquets, slings, and even towed a quad out of the Canadian wilderness. … If function were fashion, we would be Armani.”

For more information on the Rattlerstrap paracord belt, visit Rattlerstrap.com.

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