Conventional wisdom tells us rechargeable flashlights shouldn't be the first type of light to grab when facing an end-of-days scenario. What we need is a reliable light that's quickly put into use, and disposable cell lights do just that. When the faint beam of your flashlight finally peters out, it'll only take a matter of seconds to swap out the tired batteries for a new set, and — bam! — you've once again got the sun in the palm of your hand.

But what about a long-term survival situation? Between the food, water, and other gear you have to manage, you're bound to run out of batteries at some point. The only thing better than having access to light when you need it is having an unlimited way to power it.

Rechargeable flashlights, combined with alternative power sources such as solar, heat, or crank chargers can rid you of the need to stock and keep track of heavy, disposable batteries that have a penchant for leaking or discharging over time. Combining alternative chargers with a robust rechargeable flashlight can be a lifesaver, especially if you're in it for the long haul. Let's take a look at a varied selection of rechargeable flashlights that can help when we need it the most.

Rechargeable Flashlights

  • Coast HP7R

    Lumen Output - 300
    Runtime - 33 Hours (low mode)
    Overall Length - 6.125in
    Weight with Battery - 7.2oz
    Battery Type - Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack (1, included) or AAA (4, included)
    Controls - Beam-focusing slide, constant on/momentary tailcap push button
    URL -

    Using Coast's innovative Focusing Optic System, the HP7R Flashlight can adjust from a focused spot beam to a wide flood beam by simply sliding the light head.

  • Coleman CTAC 40

    Lumen Output - 400
    Runtime - 70 Hours (low mode)
    Overall Length - 6.25in
    Weight with Battery - 7.5oz
    Battery Type - Constant on tailcap switch, hold switch for strobe
    Controls - Constant on/momentary tailcap push-button switch
    URL -

    Equipped with a Cree XML LED that can produce up to 400 lumens on high, the CTAC 40 can be used in four different modes including low, medium, high, and strobe.

  • Goal Zero Switch 10

    Lumen Output - 110
    Runtime - 4 Hours (high mode)
    Overall Length - 6.69in
    Weight with Battery - 5.7oz
    Battery Type - Recharageable Li-Ion (1, included)
    Controls - Constant on side-button switch
    URL -

    More than just a flashlight, the Goal Zero Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool Kit contains a single battery unit that can accept multiple attachments such as a flashlight lamp, micro USB device charger, and fan.

  • LED Lenser F1R

    Lumen Output - 1,000
    Runtime - Low 60 Hours
    Overall Length - 4.53in
    Weight with Battery - 4.23oz
    Battery Type - Rechargeable Li-Ion 18650 (1, included)
    Controls - Constant on/momentary Tailcap push-button switch
    URL -

    Housed inside its aluminum body is an incredible 1,000-lumen light that doesn't disappoint

  • Nightstick TAC-510XL

    Lumen Output - 800
    Runtime - 8 Hours 45 Minutes (low mode)
    Overall Length - 6.25in
    Weight with Battery - 5.1oz
    Battery Type - Rechargeable Li-Ion (1, included) or CR123 (2, not included)
    Controls - Programmable constant on/momentary tailcap push-button switch
    URL -

    Nightstick's TAC-510XL rechargeable flashlight is made of glass-filled nylon polymer and uses a Cree LED rated at 800 lumens.

  • Olight S15R Baton

    Lumen Output - 280 (Mode 1)
    Runtime - 360 Hours (Mode 5)
    Overall Length - 3.6in
    Weight with Battery - 2.4oz
    Battery Type - Rechargable Lithium 14500 (1 included) or AA (1, not included)
    Controls - Programmable constant on/momentary side switch
    URL -

    Olight's S15R Baton may be the smallest and lightest flashlight in this guide, but don't underestimate its power or utility.

  • SureFire P1R Peacekeeper

    Lumen Output - 600
    Runtime - 46 Hours (Low)
    Overall Length - 5.5in
    Weight with Battery - 6.2oz
    Battery Type - Rechargeable Li-Ion (1, included) or CR123 (2, not included)
    Controls - Constant on/momentary tailclip push-button switch
    URL -

    The P1R Peacekeeper is a dual-output LED flashlight equipped with a virtually indestructible high-performance LED, focused to produce a bright 600-lumen beam on high mode.

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