Whether you're out camping with the family for a few days or surviving alone in the backcountry, maintaining personal hygiene is important. Bathing regularly prevents disease and infection, and makes sure your smell doesn't scare off any people (or even wild animals) you come across. However, jumping into a freezing cold river is less than pleasant, and it's not always practical to drop everything and find a large body of water to bathe in. So, finding a way to bathe at your campsite is ideal.

Rinsekit portable shower 1

Most of us are familiar with camp showers–devices that are often as simple as a suspended plastic bag attached to a hose and spray nozzle. These simple portable showers can get the job done in a pinch, but their lack of pressure and cold, gravity-fed water won't leave you feeling comfortable. Fortunately, a new type of shower has launched on Kickstarter, and offers promising features that set it apart from these bag-and-hose setups.

Rinsekit portable shower 2

This new portable shower is called the RinseKit, and it's claimed to offer the power of a regular garden hose with added mobility. The unit connects to a household hose spigot or sink, and fills an internal chamber with water, compressing air already trapped inside the RinseKit to approximately 65psi. This pressure is trapped in the chamber, and is used to force water out of an attached hose, wherever you take the device.

Rinsekit portable shower 3

The process takes 30 seconds to fill with 2 gallons of water, and enables the RinseKit to spray continuously for up to 5 minutes. No pumping or batteries are required, although the RinseKit does offer a heater attachment that can increase water temperature to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This heater can be powered from a home outlet or car battery, and the RinseKit's insulated design retains heat for hours.

Rinsekit portable shower 4

For more information on the RinseKit, check out the KickStarter here.

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