In the past, we've mentioned that a motorcycle can make an excellent bug-out vehicle in certain circumstances. On a bike, you can out-accelerate and out-maneuver other vehicles, or simply weave through small gaps in traffic to escape gridlock in an emergency scenario. Motorcycles are also usually more affordable and fuel-efficient than their automotive counterparts — we could go on, but you get the idea. A bike isn't always preferable to a car or truck, since you wouldn't want to ride through a blizzard, but there are many cases when it's a viable option.

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Skull Crush Tactical Touring Saddle Bags are designed to fit Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles. Photo Credit: Harley...

However, when it comes to bug-out bikes, there's one key issue: carrying all your gear. You can strap on a backpack, but that's a small amount of gear compared to what would fit in a car trunk or truck bed. If you want more storage capacity on your bike, you'll need some saddle bags — unfortunately, many standard saddle bags don't provide adequate organization, or the ability to grab all your gear at once.

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Skull Crush has made better use of the saddle bags found on Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles, with its new Skull Crush Tactical Touring Saddle Bags. These soft bags are made of 1000-denier Cordura nylon, and fit neatly inside your Harley's hard-sided saddle bags. They're available in six colors: black, tan, ranger green, urban gray, digital desert sand, and MultiCam.

Each Skull Crush Tactical Touring Saddle Bag is constructed with two zippered compartments, and a padded flooring to protect your gear. One inner wall is lined with hook-and-loop material, so you can stick on other gear, such as pouches and holsters. Both outer side panels include PALS webbing, allowing the addition of  a near-endless variety of MOLLE-compatible gear.

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A heavy-duty handle allows you to grab the entire contents of a saddle bag in one hand, and carry it with you. This makes these a good choice for luggage duffel bags, range bags, LE duty bags, go-bags, or medical kits.

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All Tactical Touring Saddle Bags are made in the USA, and they include a lifetime warranty. These bags are sold individually for $130, or in pairs for $225. For more information, visit

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