Some of you may remember our post back in March about an apparel product called Somnambula. This so-called “multi-functional extreme clothing” was designed and developed by Ukrainian survival instructor Gleb Skorobogatov. He's the host of Ukrainian-language instructional video series called the Adapter Project, and an experienced survivalist who has spent a significant amount of time exploring his country's remote forests and Soviet-era abandoned structures.

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As Skorobogatov's brainchild, Somnambula—named after somnambulism, the medical term for sleepwalking—is a form of re-configurable zippered clothing that can transform from a sleeping bag into various different types of apparel. In fact, this seamless and stretchy tube of acrylic fabric can be worn 35 different ways, including pants, a turtleneck shirt, a vest, a head scarf, and even some forms that resemble a kilt or a dress.

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Here's an English-subtitled video with Skorobogatov himself explaining the design considerations and features he incorporated into the Somnambula:

Last time we featured this product, we got some mixed opinions on social media—some loved the versatility, while others said it looks a little too “out there” to be taken seriously. No matter what you think of the product, we commend Skorobogatov for thinking outside the box and developing this unique form of survival apparel. Based on what we've seen so far, it appears to be tough gear that's built to not just for looks, but for actual hard use.

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If you're interested in the Somnambula, we have some good news: the product has launched on Kickstarter, with an estimated delivery date of January 2017. This is the first limited production run, with a current early bird price of $160 on Kickstarter. Skorobogatov says, “After the successful Kickstarter campaign we expect to optimize the Somnambula manufacturing in order to put the product into mass production,” so we imagine the mass-produced version may be available at a lower price in the future.

To learn more about Somnambula, check out the Kickstarter page or follow Adapter Project on YouTube.

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