The concept of carrying a handkerchief every day may seem a bit old-fashioned. After all, if you need to sneeze or dab away a stain these days, most homes and businesses have disposable tissues. However, a handkerchief can be much more than a simple square of fabric. In fact, Superesse Straps, a company famous for its paracord survival bracelets, has developed a new line of “survival and tactical” handkerchiefs.

Superesse Straps survival EDC handkerchiefs 2

Before you go scoffing at the idea of a high-tech handkerchief, keep reading. These “hanks” offer various added features that can be helpful for everyday carry purposes, or even in survival scenarios. Of course, they can always be used for the traditional purposes: wiping spills, drying sweat on your brow, or covering your face while you sneeze. However, you may be surprised by the additional capabilities.

Superesse Straps offers seven different types of EDC handkerchiefs:

Superesse Straps survival EDC handkerchiefs 3

The Faraday Hank blocks electromagnetic radiation and RFID signals.

Faraday Hank – Sewn-in nickel and copper EMF shield material to block RFID chip readers and electromagnetic pulses. Ideal for wrapping your credit cards, cell phone, and other electronics. MSRP: $40

Camp Rag – Two-layer Kevlar cloth with aramid thread and brass grommet. Burnproof and flame resistant up to 8,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal for grabbing hot equipment or shielding items from flames. MSRP: $40

Superesse Straps survival EDC handkerchiefs 6

Saw Shemagh –  Soft woven handkerchief with hidden kevlar aramid saw thread. Saw is secured by a flap, resistant to heat, and offers 200-pound breaking strength. MSRP: $40

Tactical Tissue – Ripstop material with morale patch mounting point and hideaway storage compartment. Optional Urban Kit version includes a hidden non-metallic handcuff key and kevlar thread saw for escaping illegal restraints. MSRP: $40 for standard version, $50 with Urban Kit option

Superesse Straps survival EDC handkerchiefs 5

The Superesse Straps Filter Bandana incorporates a carbon fiber water filter.

Filter Bandana – Three-layer handkerchief with porous 4″x4″ carbon fiber filter sewn into the center. Superesse Straps says the filter can be activated by flame to remove particulate and contaminants from water, or it can be used as an improvised face shield/gas mask. MSRP: $40

Char Cloth – Features two forms of built-in fire tinder. Wax-coated tinder wick is stored in a hidden pocket, and a square of burnable char cloth is also included. MSRP: $40

The Char Cloth features built-in fire tinder materials.

The Camp Rag features flame-resistant fabric for gripping hot items.

EDC Hank – Standard double-layer heavy-duty handkerchief. Optional Survival Kit version adds supplies hidden in a waterproof corner pocket: fish hook, fire tinder, two matches, paracord, water purification tablet, and safety pin. MSRP: $25 for standard version, $40 with Survival Kit option

These handkerchiefs are currently available for pre-orders through Superesse Straps. For more info on other Superesse Straps products, check out

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