There are many reasons to consider an at-home survival workout plan. The most timely of these is the COVID-19 pandemic, and the associated lockdown that has left many of us cooped up in our houses. Although some states are beginning to reopen businesses, it may be a while before densely-packed gyms are officially open again. In the mean time, working out at home (or in the backyard or neighborhood) is a great way to stay in shape and healthy. It's also affordable and convenient. But rather than settle in to a monotonous workout routine, you might consider a home workout system such as the RE Factor Tactical Combat Fitness Deck. This deck contains playing cards with 52 different high-intensity survival workouts, ranging from simple to challenging.

Draw a Survival Workout from the Deck

Combat fitness deck survival workout 1

Like a regular deck of cards, the RE Factor Tactical Combat Fitness Deck has number and face cards. Each card features a single survival-oriented workout designed to be completed in less than an hour. No special equipment is required, aside from a pull-up bar and a sandbag for certain exercises. This is essentially a twist on the classic “Deck of Pain” workout that is supposedly used by convicts in prison.

Lower value cards feature less-strenuous survival workouts. Twos are warmup cards, such as the following two of hearts workout:

Combat fitness deck survival workout 2

Threes and fours are easy, sixes and sevens are moderate, and so on. Face cards are more difficult, and kings are group workouts for at least two participants. Aces are the most extreme of these workouts. For example, the ace of spades features a “1776” survival workout:

Combat fitness deck survival workout 3

If that sounds exhausting, that's because it's supposed to be. But don't worry, there are plenty of entry-level survival workouts in the Combat Fitness Deck that can help you work up to that level gradually. There are also a pair of Joker active recovery cards, which feature less intense workouts for rest days.

Maintaining Combat Fitness

Combat fitness deck survival workout 4

RE Factor Tactical says the Combat Fitness Deck is designed to “provide the tools to keep your body combat effective while forward deployed, or while working in areas that lack access to recreational facilities.” If you're brave, you can shuffle the deck and pick a card, but don't be surprised if you end up doing several hundred squats. We'd suggest starting at the low end of the deck and gradually escalating to the more intense survival workout cards.

Each Combat Fitness Deck is made in the USA and retails for $20. For more information on this survival workout system, go to

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