One way or another, the way you dress says a lot about who you are. We're all for blending into the crowds with understated “gray man”-style apparel, but sometimes it's equally beneficial to wear clothes that clearly speak to your interests and personal philosophies.

Anachrobellum Tactical Samurai shirt 3

The guys at Anachrobellum have released a new T-shirt that looks cool and also has a deeper meaning. It's called “Modern Budō”, and it just entered full production this week. In Japanese, Budō roughly means “Way of War”, or the physical and philosophical path of martial arts.

Anachrobellum Tactical Samurai shirt 2

The shirt's charcoal grey and bright red artwork depicts what Anachrobellum refers to as a Tactical Samurai, outfitted with a combination of ancient armor and modern weaponry (specifically: a Mk17, PEQ15, OSS Suppressor, and S&S Precision Manta strobe). A pump shotgun also rests beneath his traditional Wakizashi short sword.

Anachrobellum Tactical Samurai shirt 5

Why a samurai? Well, the samurai is one of the most recognizable warrior archetypes in the world, and carries a strong ideology that blends independence and servitude. Anachrobellum states, “There’s nothing wrong with a little ego in a fighting man, quite the contrary — but if that ego is not subordinated to some sense of the greater good (serving your country, serving your community, sticking up for those weaker than you), well, then… you’re probably just an asshole and you don't deserve to wear this shirt anyway.”

Anachrobellum Tactical Samurai shirt 1

The “Modern Budō” shirt is available at an MSRP of $25, and can be purchased at There's also a Modern Viking version for the same price, if that's more your style.

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