When it comes to survival knives, high carbon steel is preferred by many bushcraft experts and outdoorsmen for its extreme durability and ease of sharpening. However, there are some circumstances when high-carbon steel may be a hindrance rather than a help. If you're in a wet and corrosion-prone environment, this steel can develop rust and require more frequent maintenance to stay sharp. In these situations, a high-quality stainless steel can really shine.

TOPS Knives stainless steel BOB fieldcraft 2

TOPS Knives recognizes that there's a place for both high-carbon and stainless steel. With this in mind, the company has recently announced the launch of a new stainless steel Fieldcraft knife. The Brothers of Bushcraft (BOB) Fieldcraft fixed-blade design is tried and true in the survival community, but up to this point, it was only offered in TOPS' signature 1095 high-carbon steel. This new model allows customers to choose the same knife in a 154CM stainless steel construction.

Learn more about the original 1095 Fieldcraft knife in the video below:

The stainless Fieldcraft looks and functions almost identically to its 1095 sibling, except for the “154CM” designation on the flat of its blade. Otherwise, it has the same 10-inch full-tang design, 3/16-inch spine, and 4.5-inch blade with modified Scandinavian grind. The contoured handle scales include a divot for use with a bow drill fire starter, and the pommel has a scraper specifically designed for striking ferro rods.

TOPS Knives stainless steel BOB fieldcraft 9

The stainless Fieldcraft is also available in seven different handle configurations, ranging from subtle to eye-catching. Here's a list of the colors, as seen in the photo above from left to right:

  • Black G10
  • Black Linen Micarta
  • Tan Canvas Micarta
  • Blue & Black G10
  • Green & Black G10
  • Red & Black G10
  • White & Black G10

As with the previous iterations of the TOPS BOB Fieldcraft, these stainless models will come with fitted Kydex sheaths, each with a steel belt clip and built-in ferro rod mounting point. All stainless Fieldcraft knives are currently available for $200 (temporarily discounted from the $250 MSRP), regardless of the handle color selected. Optionally, customers can also upgrade to a black or brown leather sheath for $45 extra.

For more information on the stainless TOPS Fieldcraft knife, go to TOPSknives.com.

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