Have you ever carefully planned a trip, only to be left with the unshakable thought that you're forgetting something? Most of us have had this feeling at one time or another, and it always helps to create a checklist of the items you have, and the items you may still need. However, now there's an even faster way to double-check your gear list for a camping or backpacking expedition: the Backpacking Gear Checklist Generator.

Backpacking gear checklist generator 1

This free tool by Hartley Brody is available online, and is simple to use. Here's how it works:

  1. Select your trip start and end date. This tells the tool the approximate weather conditions during your trip, and determines the type of shelter and apparel it recommends.
  2. Type the location of your trip. This combines with the info in step 1 to predict the temperature and weather.
  3. Enter the number of people you'll be traveling with. The software uses this info to determine the quantity of consumables you'll need, such as water and cooking fuel.
  4. Choose a daily hiking distance. This will affect the amount of water and other gear the tool recommends.
Backpacking gear checklist generator 2

The tool intelligently predicts gear you'll need based on location and conditions.

Upon clicking the Generate button, the tool gives you a list of personal items, survival gear, cooking and nutrition supplies, and navigation equipment to bring. Obviously, it's not a catch-all for every situation, and the creator has admitted on Reddit that it's still a work in progress. He hopes to expand the tool with precipitation forecasts for rain gear, terrain-based water availability, and other features in the future.

For now, we'd say this tool is a good resource for survivalists and backpackers alike. No matter what your experience level is, as it says in the site's footer, “use common sense and always strive to be prepared.” Well put, Brody.

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