The significance of a dependable saw in a survival situation cannot be overstated. This article delves into an instructional video by outdoor skills instructor Joe Price, who provides a step-by-step guide on crafting the ideal wilderness saw. This skill is not merely a DIY endeavor but a crucial addition to any survival toolkit. Check out the video here:

Key Points

The video commences with Joe Price highlighting the essential tools for the project: cordage, a quality belt knife, and a 12-inch bow saw blade. He offers an in-depth discussion on the types of blades—dry wood and green wood blades—each suited for specific tasks.

The core of the video focuses on the construction process. Alder wood serves as the material of choice for the saw, which consists of two upright arms and a cross arm. One of the unique aspects of this design is the square notch, a feature that ensures the saw's stability and sets it apart from other designs.

Why Make a Saw?

The mechanics of a saw are rooted in the design of its teeth, commonly referred to as pegs. These pegs are engineered to slice through wood fibers efficiently. In the case of dry wood blades, the pegs are uniform, while green wood blades feature alternating pegs and “raker teeth.” The latter aids in removing the wood that has been cut, making the process more streamlined. This engineering underscores the the importance of knowing what your tools are capable of. Saws are incredibly useful for a multitude of outdoor endeavors, and knowing how to whip one up with minimal materials is an great skill to learn. It also beats lugging around a chainsaw.


The instructional video by Joe Price serves as an invaluable resource for those keen on enhancing their survival skills. From selecting the appropriate blade to mastering the art of crafting square notches, this bushcraft saw construction tutorial is an essential skill to acquire. The video even offers additional tips, such as creating a “smudge pot” to deter mosquitoes during the building process. For those interested in elevating their survival skills, watching the video is highly recommended. Subscribing to the channel will also provide access to a wealth of information on survival techniques and tips. You can find it here @inforestsandlands

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