We've always had an appreciation for real craftsmanship, especially bladesmithing. There's something powerful about carefully cutting, grinding, and refining a plain piece of steel into a razor-sharp knife. The knife is also a quintessential survival tool, so being able to make your own custom knife can be a fun and valuable skill. We've previously posted about making improvised knives from a wrench or a metal file, but the following project is in a different league.

Custom knife making Bushcrafters Dream 1

The creation of this Bushcrafter's Dream blade was filmed from start to finish. Check out the videos below to...

While browsing the wilderness survival subreddit, we recently came across a post where a user showed off a custom knife he made. According to his post, he had initially asked some members of the bushcraft community on Reddit about design features they'd like to see on a fixed blade knife. He received suggestions on the following design considerations:

  • Length of blade
  • Size and shape of handle
  • Steel choice, carbon steel
  • The placement of the point of the knife (center of axis)
  • Jimping on the tip, as well as on the handle/blade transition
  • Recessed handle for batoning without handle damage
  • Simple yet interesting handle material/execution
  • Lanyard hole/tube

Custom knife making Bushcrafters Dream 2

Based on the feedback he received, he sketched the knife on paper, and used it as a template to create the blade from scratch. The entire process was filmed and edited into a two-part video series on his YouTube channel, Eternal Improvement. The videos are definitely worth watching if you're interested in learning to make a knife, or if you just like watching a skillful craftsman in action.

Here's part one, where the host completes the blade of the knife:

Here's part two, where the handle is sculpted and added to the knife:

Finally, if you're curious about the cost and materials used, here's a rundown from the video description:

  • Steel: 80CRV2 carbon steel tempered to 60 HRC
  • Handle: Alumilite handle scale material by 5th Arrow
  • Build time: TOO LONG I have no clue hours
  • Video time: 35 hours
  • Material cost: $78

To see more custom knife builds like this one, check out the Eternal Improvement YouTube channel or follow @eternalknives on Instagram.

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