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If the issue you're looking for isn't available from the link above, you can still purchase a digital copy. Every single issue of RECOIL OFFGRID is available in digital form, with all content from cover to cover, exactly as you'd see it in print. You can view these digital copies of the magazine on almost any electronic device:

If you've got an iPad or tablet, it's a great way to carry your RECOIL OFFGRID issues, well... off the grid.

If you've got an iPad or tablet, it's a great way to carry all your OFFGRID issues.

  • iTunes: Apple iPhone or iPad
  • Google Play: Android smartphones and tablets
  • Zinio: cross-platform app for most devices, including PC and Mac desktop/laptop computers (recommended if you want our magazines on all your devices)
  • Kindle: Amazon Kindle e-readers or Kindle app on smartphones/tablets
  • Nook: Barnes & Noble Nook e-readers or Nook app on smartphones/tablets

A complete list of these platforms, plus print subscriptions and gift subscriptions, is available here: If you want to be sure not to miss future issues, a subscription is the way to go.

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Looking for a Specific Article?
Many (but not all) of our print articles are eventually converted and re-published here on If you're looking for a specific article you remember reading in print, check the Magazine section here on our web site, or use the search bar. It may be available for free.

Need Assistance with Your Subscription?
If you experience any problems with your RECOIL OFFGRID subscription or billing, please contact our customer service team at:

Phone (in the U.S.): 800-873-7896
Phone (Canada/International): 760-294-6390

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STAY SAFE: Download a Free copy of the OFFGRID Outbreak Issue

In issue 12, Offgrid Magazine took a hard look at what you should be aware of in the event of a viral outbreak. We're now offering a free digital copy of the OffGrid Outbreak issue when you subscribe to the OffGrid email newsletter. Sign up and get your free digital copy

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