“Hello, my precioussssss.” Due to their scarcity and, for some, their beauty, precious metals have been highly desirable and considered quite valuable by many cultures for millennia. Those of us who enjoy living a prepared lifestyle may opt to keep precious metals because these commodities traditionally hold their value and are trusted after financial institutions fail. After an economic collapse, a nation's currency might be worthless, but a metal such as gold will still be sought after.

The truth is the value of precious metals isn't fixed — it fluctuates according to the mood of the economy as well as other outside factors. Everything from a weak economy, conflicts between countries, and even natural disasters can affect their worth. Let's take a look at the values of two prominent precious metals — silver and gold — during economic crises of the past four decades. We're not economics professors, but the correlation would be evident even to Gollum.

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*Note: Prices not adjusted for inflation.


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