We've all dealt with tangled ropes or cords at one point or another. Whether you experienced these knots in Christmas lights, fishing line, twine, electronics cables, or some other material, you'll no doubt remember the frustration of untangling them. If you're dealing with this issue at home in your garage, it's a minor inconvenience, but in a survival setting, it can be a waste of valuable time.

Quick deploy paracord bundle 4

As we've said before, paracord is an excellent resource for any survivalist, but it also becomes tangled easily. To avoid this, it can be wound into a bundle for storage. However, if it's not bundled correctly, it may unravel at an inopportune time, or it may be difficult to access.

A quick-deploy paracord bundle can provide a simple solution to this problem, since it neatly wraps the cord and allows for easy pull-through deployment. Whether you need 5 inches or 5 feet of cordage, you won't have to unravel the entire bundle to access it. And, most importantly, it won't get tangled or knotted.

Quick deploy paracord bundle 2

This video from Black Owl Outdoors shows the steps of the quick-deploy paracord bundling process in greater detail:

We frequently use this technique for the paracord we carry, and we'd advise everyone to learn it. If you're interested in learning more paracord techniques, check out this paracord handle wrap we added to our CRKT Woods Chogan tomahawk. It provides added grip, and also quick-deploys for 40 feet of usable cordage.

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