In a survival or bug-out situation, you won't have access to a nice cushy king-size mattress and a roof over your head, unless you're lucky enough to bug out in an RV. Realistically, you probably won't even have access to a tent, since they can be too heavy or bulky for most bug-out bags. So, it's fairly likely you'll end up sleeping under the stars—not that there's anything wrong with that.

Few of us

Few of us have access to this sort of bug-out setup.

When you're sleeping outside, it may be difficult to get a good night's rest, especially if you're unprepared for the challenges this poses. Fortunately, Therm-a-Rest has composed this useful infographic that shows 12 tips for sleeping outdoors. Some are more obvious than others, but if you combine all of them, you should be able to get some proper shut-eye and awake feeling refreshed.

Tips for sleeping outdoors 1

Tips for sleeping outdoors 2

Tiring yourself out shouldn't be a problem, unless you're really doing something wrong. However, we like the tips about regulating your temperature by wearing a hat, sleeping in a light base layer of clothes, and giving your sleeping bag time to expand after unrolling. Choosing a flat campsite also makes a substantial difference.

If you're looking for a lightweight alternative to lugging around a tent or sleeping on the ground, check out our previous articles on hammock camping. A hammock is fast to set up, only weighs a few pounds, and can be stuffed into your bug-out bag with relative ease. Of course, hammock camping brings its own difficulties, too—read more about how to sleep well in a hammock here.

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