Emergency preparedness isn't just about turning your home into an unassailable fortress with perimeter defenses and an arsenal of weapons — if this is all you focus on, your home might end up feeling like a prison you made for yourself. You should also prioritize ways to make your home into a sanctuary. Backyard gardening is an easy and cost-effective way to maintain a sustainable supply of fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs. This produce can help you stay self-sufficient in an emergency, but it's also tasty and healthy during less catastrophic circumstances. The following infographic from Fix.com includes an overview of some of the most common backyard gardening methods: container gardens, raised beds, and plots.

Freshly picked radishes lying on the soil in a garden.

Containers such as pots or buckets provide the most compact footprint of the three categories, and can easily be implemented in apartment balconies and other compact urban spaces. They're perfect for staples like tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. Raised beds are a midsize option; they can be built around the perimeter of a yard or porch. Depending on the size and depth, they can handle anything from strawberries and spinach to squash and watermelons. If you have more open space in your yard, consider a traditional square or rectangular plot. These are ideal for “companion planting” of multiple types of produce (or even flowers).

An infographic of backyard gardening tips including which vegetables are suitable for container gardens.

An infographic of backyard gardening tips regarding what types of containers to use, and how to fill them with various potting mediums.

An infographic of backyard gardening tips that highlights which vegetables are best for raised beds.

An infographic of backyard gardening tips which illustrates how to build a raised gardening bed.

An info graphic that that highlights which plants grow well together.

An infographic that illustrates how to select and create a gardening plot.

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