Infographics are a great resource for any survivalist or prepper, since they visually convey information in a concise and appealing format. Rather than reading through page after page of plain text, you can skim through a single graphic and learn tons of useful facts, without all the filler.

Survival food dried fruits

Consider drying out your fruit in a food dehydrator for a calorie-dense snack.

The following graphic from Happy to Survive shares 12 different fruits that you can grow at home, all year round. Not only that, but it also shows the proper planting and growing conditions, fruit storage time, and even tips for gardening in small spaces. You won't need a huge orchard for many of these fruit varieties, and with the right upkeep, they can provide a sustainable food source for years to come.

How to grow fruit all year round

Source: How to grow fruit all year round by Happy to Survive.

Obviously, you'll still want to supplement your diet with meat, vegetables, grains, and dairy (if possible). However, biting into a fresh, juicy fruit can be a real morale booster when times are tough. So, think ahead and start planting now—you'll reap the rewards later.

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