Preparedness at home is crucial, but any frequent flyer knows that adequate preparation for international travel is even more important. Forgetting something small can result in major headaches abroad, especially if you're visiting a locale where replacement goods are exorbitantly expensive or completely unavailable. You'll probably get by if you forget your toothbrush, but finding electronic equipment can be much more difficult. This is why we recommend building a portable electronics EDC kit to cover all your mobile devices.

However, there's something we alluded to in past articles that we feel deserves more attention—travel plugs. Many countries outside North America use different wall outlet types, so you'll need to obtain an adapter ahead of time. Otherwise, your entire electronics kit will become useless in a matter of hours. However, it's not always easy to know these travel plug types, and where they're all used.

The following infographic from Citybase Apartments makes the subject much easier to understand. It visually identifies fourteen different types of travel plugs, their cross-compatibility, and the countries which use them.

Infographic travel plugs electronics 1

Infographic travel plugs electronics 2

Infographic travel plugs electronics 3

As with the other infographics we've posted in the past, you can view larger versions of these images by clicking the image, then clicking the Download button in the top right corner.

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