Home gardening is an excellent tool for emergency preparation, since it provides a sustainable and nutrient-rich food source. It also saves you money in the long run, and makes you less reliant on mass-produced vegetables and fruits from the grocery store. It's obvious that starting a small garden is advisable in many cases—but this is also easier said than done.

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There are many potential roadblocks along the way to cultivating a successful yield of veggies. You'll need to know what to grow given your environmental conditions, where to plant each variety of produce, how to maintain the plants, and when the ideal growing seasons are. For a beginner, this can seem like a steep learning curve. Fortunately, there are many excellent home gardening resources available online.

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The following infographic comes from Anglianhome.co.uk. It illustrates types of vegetables to consider planting, garden spacing, sunlight, pot size, pests, and growing season, among other variables. Scroll down to check it out, or click here for a printable version.

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Home gardening cheat sheet 2

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If you're still confused what to grow in your region, Good to Be Home offers an interactive tool that suggests personalized planting suggestions according to region and climate. Check it out, and enjoy your healthy harvest.

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