Every survivalist should know how to shoot, and hit targets consistently with a variety of weapons. This skill set is invaluable for both hunting and self-defense, but it takes serious practice. Whether you're an expert shooter or a complete newbie, understanding and maintaining your technique is the key to shooting accurately.


In survival or emergency situations, you may need to train a new or inexperienced shooter on the absolute basics. During those circumstances, an illustrated guide can help the individual visualize some parts of the technique before they ever handle a gun. The following infographic was created by the NRA to show pistol shooting fundamentals — you may find it useful for friends or family members who are learning how to shoot for the first time.

Of course, like most infographics, this graphic leaves out certain important elements for the sake of brevity. There's no primer on the essential safety rules to know before ever handling a gun, nor is there any reference to grip technique or body stance. Despite the obvious need for additional information, the infographic does provide a good head start on aiming and shooting a pistol accurately.

Shooting fundamentals pistol gun infographic 1

Shooting fundamentals pistol gun infographic 2

Shooting fundamentals pistol gun infographic 3

Shooting fundamentals pistol gun infographic 4

Shooting fundamentals pistol gun infographic 5

So, consider showing this Pistol Shooting Fundamentals graphic to a new shooter you know. Though much of this information may seem obvious to those of us who've been shooting for years, you might be surprised to hear how much new shooters can benefit from it.

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