As we mentioned in our post a few days ago, RECOIL, OG, and CONCEALMENT magazine staff have been out in the field this week for a special training event. Specifically, our team members have been putting their survival knowledge to good use as adjunct instructors of a human tracking course.

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This 2-week masterclass is led by Freddy Osuna and Greenside Training, but our magazine contributors are chipping in to teach LEOs and military members the art of the manhunt. The Greenside Training course starts with a 3-day class called “Weaponize the Senses”, then moves into index tracking, night tracking, and even tracking in urban areas. On the whole, this has been referred to as “the art of putting this and that together”—seeing many small signs and combining them into a bigger picture.

Recoil OG on track gallery 2

These skill sets enable class attendees to understand the psyche and follow the physical signs of a fugitive on the run, no matter the environment or conditions. They also provide a massive advantage to anyone stranded in the wilderness, or even those who may be actively hunted or ambushed by dangerous pursuers in a hostile location.

The guys at will be sharing more of their exploits as the course continues, but for now you can keep an eye on our Instagram feed below. Using the hashtag #weaponizethesenses, we'll be posting tracking-related quotes and tips from the RECOIL On Track trip. This feed will update automatically when we post photos, or you can follow us at @recoiloffgridmagazine and @recoilmagazine.

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