There's something meaningful about learning to do things by hand, whether it's making a blade, hunting game, or reeling in a fish. These manual tasks often correlate to valuable survival skills, but they're also enjoyable hobbies. Even though we tend to think of survival training as testing your mettle against miserable circumstances, there's still much that can be learned while you're having a good time with family and friends.

For the latest RECOILtv Carnivore short film, Iain Harrison headed to Hawaii to meet up with a few friends, including well-known bladesmith Neil Kamimura (@rpm_neil) and his wife, Chef Flora Kamimura (@florakamimura). Iain set out on the water to catch a blue marlin, which was then turned into sashimi — no cooking required. Back on dry land, he hunted a feral lamb with a bow, and Neil forged a stand that would be used to roast it over an open fire.

Flora was in charge of preparing the lamb al asador, a traditional Argentinian roasting style. In this technique, the lamb is bound to crossed beams near the fire, and periodically dabbed with a brine using sage branches. Normally, the stick would be embedded in the ground, but Neil's movable stand allowed for more precise control of the roast.

Bowhunting, fishing, sashimi preparation, and roasting meat over an open campfire are all skills applicable to survival. However, they can be learned in an enjoyable way, as seen on this trip. The end result is a delicious all-natural meal. For more from Carnivore, check out the RECOILtv channel or pick up a copy of Issue 3, on sale 9/3/19.

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