We spend a lot of time discussing bug-out bags, and for good reason. The bug-out bag is an essential lifeline during any emergency or disaster situation, and it contains all the supplies you need for immediate survival. Shelter construction, water purification, hunting for food, applying first aid, navigating to safety — all of these tasks are facilitated by the contents of a bug-out bag.

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It's easy to get caught up in thinking about which items to include inside a bug-out bag, since there are so many choices and variables to consider (weight, size, shape, quantity, value, etc.). However, an equally-relevant question is less obvious — how should these items be packed and organized? If the contents of your B.O.B. are imbalanced, they can throw off your posture and cause muscle fatigue. Disorganization is even worse, as you'll be left aimlessly rummaging through your supplies when seconds count.

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Due to the importance of this topic, RECOIL OFFGRID editor Patrick Vuong met with survival expert Tim MacWelch of Advanced Survival Training. In the latest RECOILtv SHTF/OFFGRID video below, the two discuss how to pack a bug-out bag. Check it out now:

In case you're wondering about any of the gear featured in this video, here's a complete list:

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