RECOIL Features Editor Dave Merrill is what some might call a silencer aficionado. Others would probably call him a silencer hoarder. He recently showed up to a hunting trip with a Pelican case full of an almost-comical quantity of cans (pictured below). As you might expect, he has accumulated quite a bit of experience installing and uninstalling various types of silencers over the years.

RECOILtv silencer suppressor faq installation video 1

You probably figured mounting a silencer on a weapon is a straightforward task, and that's often the case, but there's more to it than you might think. In the following RECOILtv Gun Room video, Dave shows how to correctly install a direct thread can and ensure it doesn't work its way loose. He also talks about quick-disconnect systems, hybrid systems, and the unusual birdcage flash hider mount used on some old-school silencers such as the Knight's Armament NT4.

Check out the full RECOILtv video below:

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