If you carry a handgun on a daily basis, it's critical to be familiar with the tactics that go along with that weapon. Preparedness is about much more than having the right tools — it's about knowing how to use them, especially in a high-pressure situation. One of the keys to self defense is the ability to stay safe while responding to a threat. Instead of leaving yourself exposed out in the open, using cover can keep most of your body protected and increase your odds of survival.

RecoilTV shooting around barriers defense survival handgun pistol ccw 3

However, if you just stay behind that cover and don't react, you'll become a sitting duck. You'll need to use it to your advantage as you shoot back at your attacker. Tom Marshall of RECOIL recently attended a class with Team Torn that covered the topic of shooting around barriers. The instructors placed students behind various walls, as well as inside a car, and challenged them to shoot around these objects.

RecoilTV shooting around barriers defense survival handgun pistol ccw 2

Check out the full video from our SHTF/OFFGRID channel on RECOILtv below:

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