RECOIL‘s editor in chief Iain Harrison understands the threat of gun confiscation because he experienced it firsthand. Twenty years ago, the British government confiscated his weapons, along with those of many other law-abiding citizens. As a result, he moved to the United States to preserve his rights and pursue his career in the firearms industry. However, there are still many shooting enthusiasts and hunters who remain in the UK — as Harrison puts it, “the ties that bind us as hunters transcend national and geographic boundaries.”

RECOILtv CARNIVORE deer hunting UK Iain Harrison shooting rifle 2

In a new CARNIVORE short film posted on RECOILtv, Iain Harrison travels back to the UK to take a look at the persistence of hunting culture in a country that's generally unfriendly towards gun owners. There, he meets with Hugo Campbell, a local hunting guide who takes him into the Ashdown Forest. This area is roughly 30 miles south of London, but remains densely-populated by deer.

RECOILtv CARNIVORE deer hunting UK Iain Harrison shooting rifle 3

Watch the full 25-minute short film below to see the results of the hunt, as well as Harrison's impressions of his first time pulling a trigger on British soil in 20 years.

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