We've mentioned in the past that AlfieAesthetics is one of our favorite survival YouTube channels. Alfie is a charismatic Brit who provides entertaining commentary, excellent camera work, and a plethora of great survival tips in video form. If you're not following the channel already, we'd encourage you to do so.

10 Natural Fire Tinders 4

Last weekend, Alfie published another video that caught our attention. Titled “10 Ways to Make Fire – Natural Tinders”, this video shows a collection of materials you can look for in nature to assist with starting a fire. Check it out:

Here's a quick breakdown of the natural tinder materials, for those who can't watch the video:

  1. Western Red Cedar bark
  2. Birch bark strips, shavings, or dust
  3. Pine cones or pine resin
  4. Coal fungus
  5. Tinder fungus
  6. Fireweed
  7. Thistles
  8. Punkwood a.k.a. rotten or decayed wood
  9. Wood shavings (a pencil sharpener is useful for this purpose)
  10. Dry grass

Some of these are rather obvious, but others (such as the fungi and Fireweed) are more obscure. Regardless, they're all good items to keep in mind as you venture into the outdoors. Even during warm summer weather, you never know when a sudden shift in weather conditions or unexpected overnight stay could drop your core temperature. Practice finding these materials now, and you'll be better prepared for the future.

10 Natural Fire Tinders 1

So, what's your favorite tinder material? Let us know in the comments, and explain why you chose it.

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