The venerable Ruger 10/22 is a gun that’s garnered substantial popularity among survivalists, and for good reason. Its simple design, time-tested reliability, and wide selection of aftermarket parts make it a great choice for hunting small game in the backcountry. The Takedown model offers even greater versatility, since it can easily fit into a bag or pack for discreet transport.

Ruger 10 22 takedown magpul backpacker bugout shtf survival rifle gun 1

We’ve seen many 10/22 Takedown builds over the years, but RECOIL OFFGRID contributor Alexander Crown recently posted a video that shows off some modifications we hadn’t considered before. At first glance, you’ll notice that Alexander’s 10/22 is set up in a Magpul X-22 Backpacker stock along with a Tactical Solutions SBX barrel, Vortex red dot sight, and a Gemtech Outback silencer. However, taking a look beneath the surface reveals several other clever upgrades.

Ruger 10 22 takedown magpul backpacker bugout shtf survival rifle gun 3

Inside the stock beneath the cheekpiece, Alexander stashed a spare 10-round magazine, a 50-round box of Gemtech subsonic .22LR, and a handful of survival resources. His intent was to cover all of Dave Canterbury’s 5 Cs of survivability: cutting, combustion, cover, container, and cordage. These are addressed by a razor blade and cut-down hacksaw blade, a mini Bic lighter, a heavy-duty trash bag, two clear plastic water bags, and high-strength kevlar cord. There are also other valuables such as a fishing kit, duct tape, and a button compass.

Check out the full video below to see a detailed breakdown of Alexander’s 10/22 Takedown bug-out gun:

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