Swedish knife manufacturer Morakniv is known in bushcraft circles as one of the best sources for survival fixed blades. Mora adheres to a formula that seems quintessentially Swedish — light, simple, and durable. These are not the tacticool or “mall ninja” blades you may see from other manufacturers of so-called survival knives. They don't have thick spines, spiked pommels, unconventional grinds, exotic materials, or flashy coatings.

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So, if you're looking for an eminently practical knife for survival scenarios, it's hard to go wrong with a Mora. We tested a Mora Basic 511 as part of our Forcite Ammo Can Survival Kit Review, and we found it to be a great choice. The tough polymer handle conceals a stick tang, keeping the knife incredibly lightweight. The business end is made of Morakniv's signature “secret recipe” carbon steel, and its slim double-beveled edge batons through firewood like butter.

YouTube host MD Outdoor Reviews demonstrates a key feature of the Morakniv sheath.

YouTube host MD Outdoor Reviews demonstrates a key feature of the Morakniv sheath.

A Mora's included sheath has very good retention, and a nice belt loop for traditional carry on the hip. However, there are some cases where this carry style is not ideal. Carrying the knife on one side makes it inaccessible to your non-dominant hand, so it's tough to draw if your dominant hand is occupied or pinned down. It can also be uncomfortable and get in the way if you tend to sit down and stand up frequently.

YouTube channel host MD Outdoor Reviews found a pretty cool trick that can turn the Morakniv sheath into an improvised neck knife holder. It doesn't even require a lanyard, only a button-down shirt or jacket. Check it out:

Whether you already own a Mora or are considering adding one to your bug-out bag, this “hack” can be very useful. It definitely made us wonder, “why didn't we think of that?!”

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