Whether we're consciously aware of it or not, brand names, packaging, and marketing strategies can play a major role in determining the products we buy. When faced with a dozen options on a store shelf, we might reach for the brand we're most familiar with, or the one with colorful packaging that catches our eye. Or, putting all this psychology aside, we might make a decision based on price alone. The real challenge is determining the item that provides the most value or “bang for the buck” — and this often requires some testing and research.

Super glue comparison test review adhesive cyanoacrylate 3

Project Farm used weights to test the strength of a super glue bond on PVC pipe.

Super glue is a substance that has a place in just about every home toolbox. It's also valuable in survival kits, since a single vial can quickly repair broken gear or even seal cuts. But, considering the above points, have you ever done any research on which glue performs best for your needs? In the following video from Project Farm, six brands of super glue are tested head-to-head for adhesion to both metal and plastic surfaces.

We appreciate this unbiased performance-based approach to evaluating the glue, as well as its inclusion of multiple types of strength tests — lateral, tensile, and torsional. Price is also a consideration, since it's important to remember that an expensive glue with mediocre performance will offer less value than an average-priced glue with that same performance.

Super glue comparison test review adhesive cyanoacrylate 2

Although Project Farm doesn't make a judgement on which glue is the best all-around choice, the Loctite brand seems like a strong contender, especially if you frequently use glue on plastics.

For more product testing along these lines, check out Project Farm's head-to-head duct tape tests.

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