Mel “Dragon Man” Bernstein has the sort of facility most of us dream of. His Colorado Springs property is home to an extensive shooting range, Class-III-licensed gun store, motocross course, paintball park, and machine shop. But the crown jewel is his enormous 65,000-square-foot military museum, which includes 80 operational military vehicles (including a T-54 tank), countless historically-significant weapons, over 200 fully-functional machine guns, a wide array of ordnance, and all sorts of equipment and memorabilia from WWI to the Iraq war.

Dragon Man on his famous dragon motorcycle, outfitted with two Colt 9mm SMGs.

Dragon Man on his famous dragon motorcycle, outfitted with two fully-operational rifles and a flamethrower.

Larry the Cable Guy called the facility “better than the Smithsonian”, and it's not hard to see why Dragon Man is frequently referred to as “the most armed man in America”. The entrance to his property has been called “the driveway of horror” and is littered with mannequins, bullet-riddled vehicles, and cautionary signs. You may be thinking that these simple warnings won't deter burglars, but Mel also has electrified fences, a network of 35 security cameras, motion sensor alarms, and seven German shepherds which roam the property at night. In an interview, he said that he has never had any issues with attempted breaking and entering.

Dragon Man most armed gun museum 1

The following 20-minute video from Hot Brass and Bullets follows Dragon Man through his museum as he describes some of the items in his collection:

For more tours of the facility, videos of the vehicles and guns in action, and a Q&A with Dragon Man, check out the Hot Brass and Bullets channel on YouTube.

While Dragon Man has a massive arsenal of weapons, he says he wouldn't keep them all to himself if disaster struck — he'd welcome friendlies into his compound. When asked about how he'd deal with an apocalyptic event, Mel replied, “We could use everybody here, y'know, we have to save Colorado Springs.” We're not sure if that's the wisest choice from a survivalist's standpoint, but it shows that he's a trusting person who wants to use his resources for the greater good. So, would you consider heading to Dragon Land if SHTF?

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