Make & Model - Liquid Hardware Outrigger
Colorway - Electric Green (shown), Blue No. 5, Brushed Stainless, Fire Engine Red, Vista Blue, White Room
Capacity - 0.8 L (27 fl oz)
Height x Diameter - 10 X 2.75 in
Weight (Empty) - 8.4 oz
MSRP - $24
Notes - The leak-proof Outrigger bottle features a magnet on its lid that can be attached to a magnetic stainless collar, allowing the user to never lose its lid. Made of food-grade stainless steel, the bottle holds no smell or aftertaste, even after being left dirty. Never lose a drop with its trademark no-drip lip. Even when full of water, the bottle sticks to just about any metal surface, which comes in handy if you're out of storage options. OFFGRID readers will also like that its lid becomes an emergency compass when placed in water. (We noticed that the magnet portion points south.)


Pros: Magnetic storage, cap becomes emergency compass, lifetime guarantee

Cons: As with other non-insulated bottles, the body becomes uncomfortable to hold with iced beverages

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