Make & Model - Böker Plus Bushcraft
Overall Length - 8.63 inches
Blade Length - 4 inches
Blade Width - 0.94 inches
Blade Thickness - 0.13 inches
Handle Thickness - 0.81 inches
Handle Material - Micarta
Weight - 7.2 ounces
Blade Material - 440C stainless steel
MSRP - $80
Notes - Böker has been producing knives in its German plant since 1869, but traces its origins as a tool-maker to the 17th century and as a sword-maker since 1839. Through wars and corporate buyouts, Böker USA has been carrying on the tradition of fine knives since 1986.
The Bushcraft model comes from Böker's Plus line. Reminiscent of a beefed-up steak knife, it's elegant and refined — like a fine wine that's appreciated only by those who know what they have. The thick Micarta handle fits snugly in your hand, making it easily maneuverable and well balanced, even between just two fingers. The blade is made of 440C stainless steel (similar in quality to the ubiquitous Buck Model 110 pocketknife), which is resistant to corrosion and virtually stain-proof.
There's nothing fancy to see here besides the hole for a lanyard. The knife fits deep in its leather sheath, and the ring fits neatly on a belt. If only as an afterthought to better address the Bushcraft theme, Böker added a fire-starter kit with a compass on the end, but it in no way can attach to the sheath and must be carried elsewhere.


  • Elegant, refined, and solid
  • Built to last and withstand countless uses


  • The tight-fitting leather mars the Micarta handle material
  • Has limited uses

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