Make & Model - Brownells ESG Essentials All-In-One Kit
Approximate Dimensions - 18 in. H x 9 in. W x 8 in. D
Weight - 8 lbs
MSRP - $380
Kit Contains - 1 Goal Zero Guide 10 Kit
1 Goal Zero rechargeable AAA batteries
1 SureFire CR123 batteries (6 pack)
1 UST Volt XL
1 Organizer bag
1 United Spirit OK 72-Hour Kit
1 Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Medical Wipes
1 UST Survival Towel (2 pack)
1 Organizer bag
1 Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System
1 Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide Tablets
1 Camelbak 1L eddy
1 Oral I.V.
1 Organizer bag
1 Pro Mag Archangel Defense Pen
1 Top Cop 0.68-oz. Stream
1 ASP Baton
1 Ontario Knife Company JPT-3S Drop-Point Folding Knife
1 Organizer bag

Brownells, a leading retailer of firearms parts, tools, and accessories, introduced its Emergency and Survival Gear (ESG) lineup just this past year. The ESG kits cover almost any kind of situation you might encounter, from being snowed in during a complete white-out to trying not to float away after a major flood. The ESG Essentials All-In-One Kit combines four ESG Kits into one all-inclusive package you can carry on your back.

Though it's the most expensive pack in this guide, it's priced at a discount when compared to trying to piecing the kit's parts together individually. The array of tools, gear, and supplies in this kit should give you ample capacity to face most any emergency. The Power, Hygiene, Water Filtration, and Civil Unrest kits are organized in their own separate organizer bags. The compact backpack the kit comes in fits about 22 liters of gear, is sturdy, and is made of thick nylon with heavy-duty zippers. It has hip and sternum straps to help you balance the go-bag on longer treks.

This kit allows you to do a whole host of key tasks: charge batteries and devices with a Goal Zero solar panel kit, keep your spirits and health levels up with toiletries in the hygiene kit, filter water and stay hydrated in a variety of ways, and plenty more.

Note: It doesn't include water, food, or personal protection items such as gloves, goggles, and respirator masks, so you'll still need to add your own for a more complete bug-out bag. Brownells has other kits, such as its ESG Essential Pandemic Kit, available that could complement this kit if you have the inclination (and the cash) to add more gear.

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