Make & Model - CamelBak eddy Stainless
Colorway - Stainless
Capacity - 0.7 L (24 fl oz)
Height x Diameter - 9.63 X 3 in
Weight (Empty) - 7.5 oz
MSRP - $24
Notes - If you're familiar with the excellent eddy line of plastic bottles from CamelBak, you already know what this bottle is all about — worry-free, one-handed operation with an easy-to-use cap. The cap contains a bite-valve straw that is easy to flip open and drink from. Flip it open, bite on it, and sip. It's that easy to use. Being made of stainless steel, there is no inner liner or any BPA worries. Putting ice into it and cleaning it is a breeze due to its wide mouth opening. This model is not insulated, but an insulated version is available.


Pros: One-handed use, easy to drink from cap, lifetime guarantee

Cons: When containing iced drinks, the body gets uncomfortably cold to hold

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