Weight - 1 pound, 2 ounces
Dimensions - 12 x 9 x 5 inches
URL - http://www.camillusknives.com/
Kit Contains - 10 Bandages (1 x 3 inches)
2 Butterfly Wound Closures
2 Gauze Pads (2 x 2 inches)
2 Eye Pad Bandage
1 Extra Large Woven Bandage
1 Stretch Gauze (2 inches x 5 yards)
1 First-Aid Tape Roll
1 Triangular Bandage
4 Ibuprofen Tablets
4 Non-Aspirin Tablets
2 Diphenhydramine (Allergy) Tablet
4 Loperamide (Anti-Diarrhea) Tablets
5 Cotton Tip Applicators
2 Nitrile Exam Gloves
1 Pair of Steel Forceps
1 Pair of Titanium Non-Stick Scissors
1 Les Stroud First Aid Kit Guide

Survivorman's Slingpack First Aid Kit is similar to his aforementioned Triage First Aid Kit, only in a larger package. It includes the ingredients for a very basic first-aid kit, packed into a single shoulder-style pack. The pack's strap is configured to sling over the right shoulder only _ sorry, lefties, you're out of luck.

The pack's main compartment comes empty and is ready for you to fill with your survival goods. It has two elastic banded mesh pockets on the interior and a small zippered pocket up top that can comfortably fit keys, a (smaller) phone, or a wallet. There's also a rubberized port for a hydration bladder straw or for wires to come out in case you want to stuff a music player inside and route the headphone wires outside instead. The back of the pack is padded, as is the size-adjustable shoulder strap.

The smaller pocket on the face of the pack unzips and folds open, displaying a wide array of first-aid gear. The fold-out flap is surprisingly large when unfolded. There are eight zippered see-through mesh pockets on the flap that measure about 13 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall. On the back wall of the compartment is a single, large see-through mesh pocket with an elastic band top. All in all, this is a good basic _bumps and scrapes_ kit to start with since the pack itself can carry more add-ons.

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