Make & Model - CatEye HL-EL135 Front / Omni 3 Rear Bike Light Set
Headlight Brightness - 150 lumens
Headlight Modes - High, flashing
Headlight Runtime - High
Tail Light Modes - Constant, flashing, rapid
Tail Light Runtime - Constant
Battery Type - Headlight 2 x AA, Taillight 2 x AAA
MSRP - $30
Notes - We're going to bet that not all riding in a disaster-stricken situation will be of the stealthy assortment, so a set of lights on your bike will come in handy. Riding in the dark is a risky proposition, especially if other vehicles might be on the road. This CatEye light set runs on common batteries and is plenty bright enough to see where you are going — and allows you to be seen so you aren't flattened like a pancake on the highway.

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