Make & Model - Cogburn Gear Carrier
Weight - 1 lb, 15 oz.
MSRP - $130
Notes - Although the Gear Carrier is designed to hold a rifle, bow, or fishing rod, it is capable of carrying a wide range of gear, thanks to its included positionable Quick Fist clamps. Along with the two 2-inch and one 1-inch Quick Fist clamps it comes with, the rider can easily employ rope, paracord, or bungee cables to secure other items such as firewood or other foraged materials. We found that the 2-inch Quick Fist clamps were too narrow to help attach long guns such as a shotgun or AR-15. Adding your own larger-diameter Quick Fist clamps would remedy that. The carrier itself is sturdy and covered in a matte-black powdercoat as well as mounting holes that allow for a myriad of mounting possibilities.

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