Make & Model - CRKT Eat'n Tool Titanium
Dimensions - 4 by 2.3 by 0.6 inches
Weight - 0.7 ounces
Material - TA1 titanium
Colorways - Bead Blast
MSRP - $20

Designed by Liong Mah, the Eat'n Tool crams several functions into a light and small package. In addition to the spork, the handle ends can be used as screwdrivers, while three hex cutouts function as metric wrenches (6, 8, and 10mm). There's also a bottle opener. As you might expect, the spork works better as a spoon than a fork, with its very short tines. The circular cut-out and contour of the handle makes it pretty comfortable to wield, though it's still short, putting your hand pretty close to your food and making it hard to reach into deep cans or containers. The titanium version is half the weight of its regular steel brethren. It's strong, easy to clean, and comes with a small carabiner, making for a nifty piece of emergency kit to clip onto your gear.

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