GLOVE - Faded Glory Ski Gloves
COLORS - Black
PALM MATERIAL - Silicon-Coated Nylon Strip
INSULATION - Polyester (Synthetic)
MSRP - $10
NOTES - Walmart. It's where we go when buying new socks is cheaper than doing laundry in the hotel. It's also home to the Faded Glory brand of clothing. We aren't sure what glory this brand once attained, but it's tough to imagine anything more faded than a crinkly, $10 polyester hand marked with the words "Hecho en China" laying on the floor of a Walmart men's department. Polyester inside and out, with more polyester loft insulation in the middle. A strap across the back holds them in place and a cordloc on a shock cord attempts to seal the wrist.
PERFORMANCE - In the freezer, the Faded Glory Ski Glove looked like it could outshine it's price tag and hang with the big gloves. In the real world, though, the glove's lack of articulation means the insulation and fabric bunch up in the palm. Waterproofing isn't a bright spot, either. Loose seams and wandering stitches could be forgiven on a bargain basement glove, but when you add poor dexterity, water ingress at the seams, and the idea the gloves could unravel at any time, you can do much better for a few bucks more elsewhere.

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