Make & Model - Master Sportsman Ranger Sleeping Bag in Realtree Xtra
Listed Temperature Rating - 15 degrees F / -9 degrees C
EN Lower Limit Rating - Not applicable
Materials - Insulation: Triloft II polyester; Shell: Peached polyester; Liner: Peached polyester
Dimensions (unfolded) - 80 by 35 inches
Dimensions (packed) - 18 by 34 inches
Weight - 7 pounds
MSRP - $76

If you're looking for an affordable sleeping bag that rolls up like a window shade, look no further. Although it only comes in one size, it's roomy enough for most body types. It has lots of padding and isn't squared off at the opening. Instead, the semi-circular “hood” at the top has a drawstring to help keep your head snug. Even if you're not a hunting ninja who needs the Realtree camo, this sack works well for camping and will get you through a cold night without a problem.

Pros: Traditional design is simple to use, pacious and comfortable, Affordable

Cons: No storage pockets, Not ideal for wet conditions, Heavier than mummy-shaped bags (though the lightest of the rectangular bags we reviewed here)

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