Make & Model - SJK Big Timber Pro 0
Listed Temperature Rating - 0 degrees F / -18 degrees C
EN Lower Limit Rating: - Not applicable
Materials - Insulation: Slumberloft (synthetic); Shell: 450-denier polyester canvas; Liner: cotton-polyester flannel
Dimensions (unfolded) - 80 by 38 inches
Dimensions (packed) - 36 by 14 inches
Weight - 9 pounds, 1 ounce

Sliding into this old-school bag is like snuggling up to a lukewarm Tauntaun. (Get it? Luke. Warm. Tauntaun. No? Never mind. This is not the pun you're looking for.) In other words, the Big Timber Pro 0 is soft, cozy, and potentially life-saving. As a throwback to the sleeping bags of yore, it features a rectangular design, comfy flannel inner lining, and durable canvas outer shell. It also had a large foot-box and a No. 8 zipper with anti-snag design. Comes with compression straps.

Pros: Inner lining makes us feel like we're in our bed back home, Can completely unzip to become a blanket, Large foot-box so you can sleep on your back without having your ankles bent out of shape

Cons: It's more than double the weight of most of the other bags, No hood means head exposed to the elements, You'll be sorry if you get it wet; the canvas shell doesn't play well with water.

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