Make & Model - Wenzel Grande 0
Listed Temperature Rating - 0 degrees F / -18 degrees C
EN Lower Limit Rating - Not applicable
Materials - Insulation: Insul-Therm (synthetic); Shell: 8-ounce cotton; Liner: cotton-polyester flannel
Dimensions (unfolded) - 81 by 38 inches
Dimensions (packed) - 19 by 14 inches
Weight - 11 pounds
MSRP - $90

Having made camping products for more than a century, Wenzel knows a thing or two about producing comfortable sleeping bags at an affordable price. The Grande 0 lives up to its name, providing incredible coziness in the face of freezing temps in a big, rectangular package. Unfortunately, the cotton shell means it's heavy, rolls up into a large barrel, and doesn't handle wet conditions as well as its water-resistant polyester brethren. Comes with compression straps and dust cover.

Pros: The cotton-poly lining feels way more comfy than most of the synthetic sacks, Unzip to transform it into a blanket for two, Vintage design and aesthetic ideal for campers with plenty of cargo space

Cons: Might as well pack a bag of rocks — the Grande 0 is the heaviest in this bunch, Rectangular shape means your head will be exposed to the bitter cold, Shell has no water resistance

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