GLOVE - Mechanix Wear Winter Impact Pro Glove
COLORS - Black
BASE MATERIAL - Nylon w/Hipora Membrane
INSULATION - Thinsulate
MSRP - $39
NOTES - We'll forgive you if you look down on Mechanix gloves because they are everywhere. We can't walk through a Home Depot without seeing some Wilford Brimley type massaging his be-knuckled meat beaters through a pair of over-branded gloves. That mass-market appeal has funded a fine line of gloves on the other end of the spectrum, though. The hard-charging end, we mean. There are more features, useful features, crammed into this glove than there is Botox in Donatella Versace's forehead. Thinsulate insulation, Hipora waterproof/breathable membrane, dual layered leather palm, a touchscreen compatible finger … we're running outta room here.
PERFORMANCE - This glove comes close to the freezer performance of a ski glove. That's pretty impressive for a low-loft–insulated glove. It's waterproof, though the leather wet out after 40 minutes of stacking wet brush during a light rain. No moisture got through the membrane, but the water did seep in at the wrist. Nothing anyone can do about that. But when you're outside doing yard work in wet weather cold enough to see your breath, and your hands aren't screaming, it's time to thank Mr. Brimley. As much as we like the warmth, the glove is stiff across the back and the non-articulated fingers gather a lot of leather when clenching a fist.

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