Make & Model - Nitro Pak Urban Survival-Pak Level 1 (item #5800)
Approximate Dimensions - 13 in. H x 11 in. W x 7.5 in. D
Weight - 8 lbs.
MSRP - $328
Kit Contains - 1 Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool
1 2-oz. pepper spray (substituted with a knife in states not allowing pepper spray)
1 Swimmers goggles
2 N95 respirators
1 Sudecon tear gas decontamination wipe
1 Dead On Tools Exhumer Multi-Function "Tool"
1 Tactical Spiked Kubaton Self-Defensive Tool with writing pen and pocket clip
1 Self-defense power-punch key holder "tool"
1 Pair of nylon covert rubberized gloves
1 Covert black six-way wearing balaclava/cap
1 Personal alarm and door alarm attachment with 9-volt battery
2 Handcuff keys (standard and covert)
4 HD Black 16-in. zip-ties
1 Rear-viewing covert "sunglasses"
1 Single-side razor blade
1 Pair of foam earplugs
1 McNett Tactical Aquamira Water Filter Bottle
2 Purified Water Pouches (4.2 oz.)
2 400-calorie emergency food bars
1 Lifesavers roll
1 U.S. Military Medic Wound Bandage
2 Germ-X antibacterial wipes
2 Antiseptic wipes
2 Ibuprofen (200 mg)
1 Triple antibiotic ointment
1 Fabric knuckle bandage
2 Fabric adhesive bandages (1 x 3 in.)
1 Safety pin
1 DryFlex waterproof pouch
1 Survival Whistle with breakaway lanyard and SLIM Rescue Howler Whistle
1 6-foot folded duct tape
1 AMK mini roll duct tape (2 x 26 in.)
1 Liquid-filled button compass
1 550 paracord wristband (10 feet unfolded)
1 Dental floss
1 SOL Survival Instructions
1 SOL tear-proof emergency blanket (56 x 84 in.)
1 LED flashlight with battery
1 Red flashlight plastic film with two rubber bands
2 Hand warmers
1 Scripto butane lighter
1 Fire Lite Flint One-Handed Fire Starter
4 Tinder-Quik Fire Starting Tabs
1 Coby Compact AM/FM Radio with batteries
1 Rite-in-the-Rain Waterproof Note Pad
1 Writing pencil
3 Wet wipe alcohol
1 Compact toilet tissue roll

For those who require a smaller, less noticeable bug-out bag that packs a defensive punch, the Urban Survival-Pak (USP) is right up your alley. This over-the-shoulder bag conceals its true usage, which comes in handy when you don’t want to broadcast to the world that you’re carrying a whole stash of supplies. The bag comes with an interesting mix of gear, many of which lean heavily toward personal defense. It includes more than a few defensive tools, including pepper spray (where allowed by law), swimmer’s goggles for tear gas eye protection, and two sets of handcuff keys. Carrying this theme further, the bag includes an ambidextrous holster hidden inside a special weapon compartment for concealed carry of a handgun.

The USP is on the smaller side, so it’s only natural that the amount of supplies it carries is less than that of the larger bags in this guide. The point of this bag is to get you in and out of areas a bit more ninja-like with a certain level of protection at your disposal. Think less Bear Grylls and more Jason Bourne.

It is made of ballistic nylon with a comfortable, fully adjustable padded carrying strap. It has an oversized and adjustable center compartment with nylon drawstring and multiple exterior pockets, including one that can secure a water bottle.

That brings us to a few highlights, which include a McNett Tactical Aquamira Water Filter Bottle that treats up to 100 gallons and removes 99.9 percent of chlorine, bad taste, and cryptosporidium and giardia (parasites that cause “beaver fever”). It also includes a quality Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool, a couple of emergency food bars, and water packets. A rudimentary first-aid kit is included as is a radio and emergency blanket. Although one of the priciest in this guide and not built for sustained survival, for its size, the USP has the potential to get you out of a jam and to your rendezvous point quickly.

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