Make & Model - Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hoody
MSRP - $249
Colors - Black, Campfire Orange, Viking Blue
Insulation - Patagonia FullRange
Fit - Very athletic
Pockets - 1 Napoleon
Intended Use - Alpine climbing

The Nano-Air Light expands on Patagonia's FullRange Insulation line as a dedicated ultralight layering system for alpine climbers and winter mountaineering adventures. It's a third less insulating than previous Nano-Air jackets, but also saves more than three quarters of the weight. The half-zip design and 30d nylon shell Make this pullover a surefire way to dump excess heat when on the move.

For moving fast uphill, the Nano-Air Light Hoody (we know, it's a mouthful) has no match. The FullRange Insulation and ultralight liner and face fabric literally pump sweat and excess heat out effortlessly. However, there's a price to pay for that functionality. Because it's so air permeable (Patagonia claims up to 70 cubic feet per minute), the Nano-Air Light isn't the best for standalone performance. If it's windy or snowing, you'll want a shell over it. The Fit is also a concern. It's sized to Fit over a single baselayer (read: it's tight), so plan accordingly. You'll likely see this niche product on every dirtbag climber and adventurer in mountain towns across the West.

– The breathability is excellent.
– Stretch cuffs are perfectly designed for using with gauntlet-style gloves.

– Fit is ideal for slim, ultra distance-runner body types. Others should take the try-before-buy route.

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