Make & Model - Red Rock Outdoor Gear 3 Piece Chow Set
Dimensions - 6.8 by 1.8 by 0.6 (stacked) inches
Weight - 2.4 ounces
Material - Stainless steel
Colorways - Silver
MSRP - $4

This three-piece set from Red Rock Outdoor might remind you of the silverware in your college dorm's cafeteria, but, hey, you managed to stuff your face just fine for those four to seven years. They aren't sexy, and they look kinda cheap — but they're only four bucks … and they work great! The spoon is about as large as a regular soup spoon. The knife is serrated and gets the job done, though the blade is short in order to nest neatly in the spoon. The fork is also somewhat small overall, but the tines are long and work well. Studs on the spoon's handle slip into keyholes on the other two utensils to stack nicely into a single bundle. And it's easy to keep clean. It would have been handy if they added a hole at the end of the handles through which to thread a chain or clip, like the GSI Outdoors set. Still, function and value win out here, earning our Top Pick. In fact, if our final selection for Best Value weren't literally free of charge, this set would have also won that honor.

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